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1.3kg Colored Copper 'Water-Taming Beast' Futune Beast Desktop

1.3kg Colored Copper 'Water-Taming Beast' Futune Beast Desktop

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  • Length: 17.5cm
  • Width: 12cm
  • Height: 7.8cm
  • Weight: ~1.3kg


2-4 Weeks

Made by order

Basic Introduction

Chinese name: 鎮水獸

The Water-suppressing beast - a kind of dragon, used to suppress the unruly "water monster" under the bridge. Chi (), one of the legendary nine sons of the dragon. It has a big mouth and a belly that can hold a lot of water. It is often used to decorate drainage outlets in buildings, called Chishou Sanshui (螭首散水).

The auspicious animal is an incarnation of auspiciousness and peace, and the Water-suppressing beast certainly has these neutral properties. In addition, the Water-suppressing beast does not harm other living creatures in Fengshui but brings harmony.

At the same time, the Water-suppressing beast is also the master of animals and belongs to the earth's virtue.

Therefore, in Feng Shui, there are not as many taboos for the Water-suppressing beast as dragons, tigers, lions, etc. That is to say: no scruples! Nor does it harm other living beings. It is a harmonious and peace-loving mythical beast.

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