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3PCS Resident evil T-Veronica Virus Sample 05 #003472N

3PCS Resident evil T-Veronica Virus Sample 05 #003472N

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Introducing our exclusive collection of replica statuettes inspired by the infamous viruses from the Resident Evil series. Each meticulously crafted statuette represents the unique effects of one of the nine viruses.

These collectibles come in three premium, portable aluminum display cases:

3PCS Sample Set Sample 05 #003472N. In Umbrella Corporation Lego Aluminum Box.

All types virus in Resident Evil Game and Movie Series

  1. T-Virus (Tyrant Virus) - Central to the series, this virus is responsible for turning infected hosts into zombies and creating other mutant creatures.
  2. G-Virus (Golgotha Virus) - Causes extreme biological mutations, capable of regenerating and creating new organisms from the host's body.
  3. T-Veronica Virus - A virus that incorporates plant and insect DNA, resulting in high-level mutations.
  4. T-Abyss Virus - An aquatic version of the T-Virus, specifically affecting marine life.
  5. T-Phobos Virus - Activated by fear, it causes the host to mutate under extreme terror.
  6. C-Virus (Chrysalid Virus) - Combines features of the T and G viruses, causing drastic changes in both the appearance and internal structure of its host.
  7. Uroboros Virus - Seeks to create the "perfect" life form by recombining the host's DNA into a more aggressive form.
  8. A-Virus - The latest mutation, characterized by significantly enhanced physical abilities in the host.
  9. Progenitor Virus - The cornerstone of bioweapon research in the series, from which all other viruses are derived.
  10. Mold

Perfect for collectors and fans, these detailed replicas bring the chilling essence of each virus to life in a stunning and durable presentation.

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