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Cyberpunk Rainbow Rabbit Lightening Base

Cyberpunk Rainbow Rabbit Lightening Base

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Rainbow Space Rabbit Cyberpunk Figurine with Luminous Base – Eco-Friendly Art Collectible in Gift Box

Unveil the future of collectibles with our exclusive Rainbow Space Rabbit, a cyberpunk-inspired masterpiece designed for the modern collector. 

This 10cm tall and 4.6cm long figurine is crafted from recycled electronic components and metal wires, topped with a drip gel for a sleek finish.

It features a luminous base that lights up to accentuate its intricate details. The facial expressions, hands, feet, mask, and the distinctive rainbow on the chest are all meticulously crafted, showcasing fine artisanal skills.

This high-quality collectible not only serves as a stunning piece of art but also promotes environmental responsibility through its use of reclaimed materials. Ideal for enthusiasts of unique, futuristic designs and eco-friendly products, it comes in a gift box, making it a perfect present for collectors and tech lovers alike.

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