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Resident Evil Nematode Specimen Virus Replica Statuettes - Collectible

Resident Evil Nematode Specimen Virus Replica Statuettes - Collectible

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This handmade Resident Evil virus sample nematode specimen action figure set is a realistic toy kit that includes test tubes and boxes. Each handmade specimen showcases unique virus samples and nematode imagery from the Resident Evil universe. Designed specifically for fans of Resident Evil, this set not only serves as a decorative piece but also allows players to immerse themselves deeper into the game's world. Whether displayed on a shelf or kept as a collectible, this handmade toy is sure to catch the eye.

Handmade Resident Evil Virus Sample Nematode Specimen Action Figure Set with Test Tube Box Toy

Each specimen is different due to handmade.

Processing 1-2 days. Return not accepted.


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